Hi, amazing being, If you are ready for a new state in your evolution or looking for a break-through experience that takes you beyond the conceived limits of the mind and society, you are in the right place. Discover with Me a new and higher state of consciousness that leads to physical and spiritual transformation and healing.


In the 15 years of travel on sacred places around the world, I have gain knowledge from the wises Masters and Shamans from all Paths of Light, and I have refined the secret knowledge to make it possible for YOU! when you are ready* 

  • Creator of the Breatharian Process

  • Energy Healer Expert and Neo-Shaman

  • Higher Conciousness Coach

  • Pranic Living and Breatharian Master

  • Spiritual Science Speaker


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It is so incredible how far my work has grown and so many people reached in the last 9 Years,

Thank YOU! for been part of it.


This is My Passion and Dharma


To Share and Enlighten the World With Energy of Life

  • 8 Day Breatharian Process


    Trusted by thousands of people, Akahi's Breatharian Method 8DP is simply the world's best Pranic Living and Breatharian Process of the World. This process will automatically connect you with Prana for endless energy

  • One on One Miraculous Healing


    Afyer working for two years as Energy Healer on a prestigious Clinic in Silicone Valley, California. I developed and Master the capacity to perform miraculous and inmediate healings on people.

  • Self Empowerfment Coaching


    My personal coaching sessions are the result of 10 Years accompanying people mind blowing healings and to breath-though their limitation and unhealthy habits and believes that will reignite Spiritual Connection and Human Wellness

  • Shamanic Arts Expert


    In my travels on South America I was trained in the arts of Shamanic Rituals and Medicinal Sacred Plants, some of my teachers were Taita Rufino Paxy ( Bolivia - San Pedro Cactus), Don Lucho ( Colombia Best - Ayahuasca Medicine Shaman ), Taita Miguel ( Chile - The Teachings of the Camino Rojo - The Swat Lodge Temascal)

  • Super Human Capatibilities 


    I'm able to teach people to control and influence the Energy and Matter for Life improving Alchemy, Clariboyance, Thelepathy, Etheric Surgeries, Outter Energies Removals.


This 8DP is very loving and easy. I have worked with other pranic living teachers. There is a big difference in techniques and beingness. I appreciate the love and ease this process offers, and the sweet support we have been gifted. How phenomenally favored we are. How fortunate we are to share this journey.


Netta Coheen, Alternative Wellness Coach





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